A long time ago

I found this old section on Sheldon Brown website. I think it was before year 2000


Guy Bouchard’s Tandem

I built this tandem with help from my wife’s father. I designed, filed and make it straight. He brazed everything together. I know how to braze but i am not as good at it as him.

We took 2 mid-level cromoly MTB frames. The front one is a 22 inch, and the rear is 20 inch. Using Sheldon’s method, we put the bottom brackets at the same height (more or less 1/4 inch). Instead of using chainstay (I used them to made a BOB-copy-trailer) we braze a 1.5 inch steel boom tube. The bike is really rigid almost like a real tandem.

I ride it with my wife and all seems to be ok. The handling is special since head angle is 71 degree. Most tandem have 73 degree head angle with lot of fork rake. My home made tandem is more sensitive than a regular one but nothing I can’t live with.

Here are the full specs (May change anytime for better or worse!):

  • Crankset: Single side drive. RSX triple in the rear. Rings are 26-38-50. The 4th syncronizing gear is a 42 teeth with spacer and Racing triple boltset. Front crankset is an old Shimano 300 LX with 42 teeth gear.
  • Cassette: 11-30 7 speed with a 26 teeth added (Give me 8 cogs in rear)
  • Tensioner: Aluminum bracket with height adjustable derailler pulley [this looks a bit flimsy to me…when the snow melts, I guess we’ll see how well it holds up. —Sheldon]
  • Bottom brackets: Tange sealed cartridge
  • Lighting: Union generator + Soubitez halogen headlight
  • Rear derailler: Suntour XC-LTD
  • Shifters: Suntour XC-PRO thumbshifters
  • Brakes: SRAM 5.0 V-brakes
  • Lever: No-name aluminum V-brake compatible
  • Drag brake: Shimano Nexave rear drum connected to a thumbshifter in front
  • Rims: Alesa Sputnik 36 holes
  • Front hub: Shimano STX-RC
  • Rear hub: Shimano Nexave drum brake compatible
  • Tires: Ritchey Tom Slick 1.4
  • Rear seatpost: Suspension seatpost
  • Fenders: Esge
    Special thanks to Sheldon Brown and John Allen.
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