Our new ultralight tent

After 2 years without an ultralight tent, i decided to buy one. I prefer using a very light setup when doing short trip or overnighter. I really like our Marmot Nusku 3P 4 seasons tent BUT at almost 10 pounds, it is sometime tough to drag along on our bikes. Don’t even think of backpacking with this palace!  Our previous ultralight tent was 3 pounds including footprint. My mom have lovingly sewn it. It was single skin (not a problem for us), not freestanding (sometime a problem for us) and took a lot of space. We sold it last year. I was on the look out for something of the same weight but ideally freestanding or almost freestanding. My first try this year was a Wild Country (by Terra Nova) Zephyros 1 tent. 3.5 pounds was not bad but it was a 1 person tent. I sold it.

The second try (and a lots more money) is a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 tent. This baby weight 2.5 pounds complete without footprint. It is still under 3 pounds with a clear plastic sheeting footprint. It is a 2 person tent!!!! Floorspace is alright. Not big but big enough for us. The head height is…low. Only one can seat at once. The other need to lay down. Not that bad. Foot height is great. I was sure our feet would brush but not at all. Vestibule is small. I think it’s weakness will be getting in and out in the rain. Getting in and out need some work in dry condition but we will need to be very fast when raining since the fly doesn’t cover the inner door when the outer door is open.  Time will tell.

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I have replaced the 4 rope tensioner with Linelok for easier adjusting.

I took an idea from our Marmot Nusku tent. I used one rope+Linelok for what was needing two previously. It work great on the Fly Creek too.