SOLD – FS: Wild Country (by Terra Nova) Zephyros 1, 3.5 seasons tent

SOLD – I have bought this tent for 1 solo bicycle trip. Will not need it anymore since i have gone on my trip.Bought it at most 2 months ago. Slept in twice. Put up twice on my yard to test and improve (more later).

So, it is a Wild Country  Zephyros 1 person tent. It is built by Terra Nova (similar to the Lazer Competition but weight a bit more). It is supposed to be a 3 seasons tent but if 3.5 seasons exist, this tent would earn it. It is very stormproof. Very stable.

1 big vestibule. Lots of gear space at both ends inside fly. Enough space inside to keep valuable on door’s opposite side. Weight is 3lb 4oz.

How to pitch.

It is also a stormpitch. Inside is suspended from outer. You can pitch outer first and then inner. When it is raining, you can remove inner and store it dry then pack fly. You can use it as a 2 persons tarp too.


I have replaced ugly guyline with reflective one and more important Line-loc for easy tensioning.


I have modified the not adjustable inner end strap. It is now adjustable. The pitch is better and always perfect even if ground is not.

I have replaced the awful pegs with light brand new Marmot aluminum one. A lot easier on the hand.

The tent is in excellent shape. I will not say perfect since i have used it twice and may have a few tiny stain. You would have to look very closely to know it is not new anymore.

I am asking 120$ + shipping or trade+$$  for an ultralight 2 persons tent like a tarptent since i will need a 2 persons tent now.

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