Last minute light touring setup


Last weekend, i decided i would do something special this week. I would do a 480km touring trip in 3 days. No way i would do it on my expedition touring bike. I used my road bike and took whatever i had on hand to make it works.

Front rack: Wild Country Zephyros 1 tent

Ortlieb handlebar bag: Valuables, small things like soap, toothbrush, sunscreen, small snack, …

Carradice saddlebag: 1 swimsuit, 1 t-shirt and 2 pair of socks, small toolkit, sleeping mat, rain pant and rain jacket. On top: Crocs, and sleeping bag.

It was a very fun trip. Long day could easily be done with a light touring setup. I was almost as fast as without load. Everything have worked alright but here what i would change:

  • The tent was too hot. I am used to more airy tent.
  • Ortlieb handlebar bag works great but i would prefer a smaller one (purse).
  • I am not in deep love with my Carradice saddlebag anymore. It do the job but i would use a light rear rack + drybag instead. I think the out of the saddle feeling would be better for a similar weight.
  • 34-48 X 13-30 9 speeds gearing worked but 34-46 would have been better. In fact, i’d like to try Velo Orange Grand Cru 50.4bcd Crankset with 46-30 rings. Maybe even 44-30 rings. I would be almost always on the 44 but the 30 would be great to go uphill.
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