SOLD: Ostrich handlebar bag

For sale my 3 years old Ostrich handlebar bag. Used for commuting to work in spring-summer-fall. Here in Quebec, it’s equal to 6 month of riding. In very good shape. I built my 3 front racks for this bag. My mounting system (see below) is different than most but will be removed from tha bag. I will not use the Ostrich for my 1 year long South America trip. I reluctantly bought an Ortlieb bar bag. Handling it a lot better with a low mounted handlebar bag but i needed a waterproof bag (purse).

You can see on the picture i have a fixture bolted to the bag’s bottom. You will not get it with the bag. The bag will have 3 small holes.

At the back, i will remove this fixture too. I will leave the small bolt. The bolt will keep the stif coroplast inside (keep the bag like a box) in place.

Inside coroplast with bolt not removed.

Inside with a thin foam on the bottom.

So what about SOLD 60$ + shipping for an Ostrich handlebar bag in VG condition? Like i said before, 3 small holes on the bottom. You could use whatever mounting system you like since no decaleur was ever installed.

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