Experimental Gimp Paintography workflow

In my learning of Gimp, i try some Paintography. Lately, i found the interesting GMIC plugin. It is no Pixel Bender but still interesting. This picture, was took at waist level when walking. I didn’t find it great but it could be a bit more interesting. So i started with my picture out from Rawtherapee.

Original Picture

First thing, i solated the gull with a layer mask. I will use this later.

Gull isolated from background

Then, i blured everything. More at the top and less at the bottom (2 layers, layer mask + gradient).

Everything blurry

I took my blured layer and push it trough GMIC plugin Photo Illustration filter.

GMIC plugin Photo Illustration Filter

I took my original picture and push it trough GMIC plugin Graphic Boost filter.

GMIC plugin Graphic Boost filter

Then i copied this layer to another one. I transfered the layer mask of my isolated gull on this new layer. This way i got the gull with boosted graphic line.

Isolated and graphic boosted gull

Only thing left is blending those layers. So i put the GMIC Photo Illustration layer at the bottom (Normal layer) then the Graphic Boosted gull layer in Normal mode and lastly the GMIC Graphic Boosted layer in Overlay mode at 80%.

I got this:

Blended layers

Hope this will inspire you!

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