How i killed my Canon G7!

Like everybody, sometime i goof. With this one, i goofed big time!!!

Bought this Canon G7 a few months ago. I was a SLR user back in the 90’s and a digital compact camera user since 2004. I was using low end camera and was wanting to know if high quality compact were worth it. I bought the G7 to test this. It is definetely worth it. This old G7 gave me better pictures than a 2011 bridge camera i was testing at the same time. Not as fast as the Olympus E-420 DSLR i sold earlier but it is a compact. I have a brand new Nikon P7000 on order right now to replace it. It will have a dedicated exposure compensation knob and better image stabilisation. Everything else on the G7 was perfect for me.

Since day one, the G7 zoom rocker switch return spring was broken. I should have returned it to the seller but it doesn’t gave me any problem other than been a bit annoying. In the 90’s i have repaired minor problems on several Canon QL17 and Minolta HiMatic rangefinder. I was sure i could repair the broken spring. I have carefully opened the G7. I dismantled the top plate. The spring was broken. I would only need to order a spring. I put it back together before ordering the spring and waiting. The G7 top plate controls were making the camera acting a bit funny afterward. I probably misaligned something. I opened it again. Closed it again. Same problem. After a few back and forth (i always removed the battery), the camera didn’t powered anymore. I probably broke a connector inside the top plate since it is the only part i touched.

I am 99% sure a complete G7 top plate would make this camera works perfectly again. I don’t have one to test and i don’t have time to find one. I decided to sell it on ebay to get a few bucks back. I have lost some $$ but money is only money!

My G7 on ebay

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