FS: 2 New Ambrosio Texas 24 26″ 32 holes rims

I have 2 new (NOS) Ambrosio Texas 24 26 inch 32 holes bicycle rims for sale.

Double eyelets. 24mm wide. When i was a bike shop owner (10 years ago), my prefered rims for expedition touring, tough kids or heavy guy was Alesa Sputnik (now made again by Rigida). When the Sputnik went missing, i used Ambrosio Texas 24. Everybody was happy. My own Texas 24 rimmed wheels never needed truing in several years. So, if you need a tough dependable 32 holes rim and don’t mind an heavier rim since you need something tough, get those. I built myself another 36 holes wheelset for expedition touring in South America but i would not have any problem of touring on those 32 holes rims if i was in North America and Europe for a long time. Even for South America and Asia, i am sure they are sturdy enough. My wife do loaded touring on flimsier (Mavix X517 and Bontrager) 32 holes rims.

They could sell easily for 40$/each but since i don’t know how much they will cost to ship, i am asking 20$/each (40$ total) + real cost shipping.

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