10 X 10 MYOG silnylon tarp

Here my new 10 X 10 silnylon tarp sewn this winter. It is a multi use tarp. It could easily be used as a half pyramid, as a wide tarp tent, a hammock tarp and more.

We have slept one night very successfully in half pyramid mode. I have rigged it as a wide tarp tent. It is pretty easy and give enough room for two. It works as an A frame tarp but i don’t like a big A frame tarp. I have not tested the hex shape hammock tarp mode but it should work as supposed. Right now, it is so new, it is not seam sealed.

It was a pretty interesting and long sewing project. My only « faux pas » is a row of 3-4 pin holes near the ridge (some seam sealant will correct this)


  • 3 yards first quality light grey silnylon
  • 20 plastic 1 inch and .75 inch D-ring
  • 40 feet 1 inch grosgrain ribbon (binding hedge instead of hemming)
  • A few feet of black nylon for reinforcement patch
  • A few feet of 1 inch and .75 inch webbing
  • A modified Thermarest stuff sack
  • 4 Coleman aluminum pegs