FS: Arkel EXR 38 (Expedition) bicycle panniers (SOLD)

Arkel EXR 38 panniers
I have finally decided to sell my Arkel EX-R 38 bicycle panniers. Will not need them the way i was thinking. Arkel build over design (over design is part of their name) bicycle panniers and the EX-R series were the most incredible over design panniers ever built. I don’t think anybody ever built toughest panniers. Even Arkel don’t build them anymore. Probably too costly. If my memory is not too bad, those panniers were selling for about 400$ canadian in 2001. Really pricy. They are similar to current Arkel GT18 (without the newer waterproof liner). I have use them at most for 100 days and probably a lot less. They are in excellent shape. They show some wear but they have been well care for. Never got a rain drop without a waterproof pannier cover. Built for extreme touring and at ease for everything else!  GT18 sell for 270$ (pair) US now. I am asking SOLD SOLD  160$ (pair) US. I could sell my Arkel rain covers for 20$ US.

1- Big reflective patch on front. Big #10 YKK zippers for top, main section, front pocket. Mesh outer pocket to dry things. Top pocket with « smiley zipper opening.

2- Plastic skid plate.  Normal scratch from use. X compression strap.

3- Reinforced bottom fabric (Kevlar or Dyneema?).

4- Reflective side strip.

5- The front pocket opens all the way to the bottom with dual zipper sliders. 2 pieces of duct tape to protect inside from bolt head (improved back side hook setup bolted from inside). Folded aluminum tubing to prevents the top of the bag from sagging and keeps its structural shape to the main body of the bag. It folds flat when you want to store the panniers until the next cycling adventure.

6- The only problem i got. 2 thread (from 4) were cut so i sew them back. Since 2 thread were still there, it was not a problem finally. Other company do single pass , some double pass. Arkel did 4 pass on those babies!

7- New and improved Arkel hook system. I installed an aluminum plate (see picture 9 too) to keep bottom hook close to the panniers. Stiffer setup. The panniers stay glued to the rack. You can see the carbon plate (not plastic but kevlar reinforced plate!) thru the clear back window.

8- Better view of new Arkel hook system.

9- Stiffer bottom hook setup with aluminum (inside tubular nylon strap) plate bolted from inside. As stiif as it could be. Unlike plastic hook system, this one will not break.

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