Off road bicycle touring setup

i really like off road bicycle touring. The lighter i am, the more i enjoy it. In fact, i like mountain biking and camping when the night come. A low weight touring setup give a more enjoyable biking trip.

NOTE: I tour with my wife so weight and bulk is divided between us for things like Bilgy tarptent (3 lbs), cooking kit, …

In 2008, i used this setup for a fun long 2 days trip:

A 10 liter drybag with my summer sleeping bag in front. A 20 liter (at 16 liter) drybag in back (tent, sleeping mat, some clothes, and ???), an handlebar bag (lunch!). I also wear a 10liter camelbak like backpack for water and essentials.

In 2010, we used another setup again for a 2 days trip. We could have done a longer one with this setup. It was less bulky than in 2008.

Again, a 10 liter drybag in front for sleeping ba AND inflatable sleeping mat. A DIY duffle sort-of drybag in back (maybe 12 liter) for the tent and clothes. No handle bar bag. Same 10 liter camelbak like backpack for water and essentials.

I hear you saying a framebag (i have modified a MEC one for this bike but not used it on this trip) and saddlebag would be more efficient. I agree. Since i am more into DIY gear, a very nice frame bag will be in the work soon. Saddlebag are tougher to build. I will continue with my setup until i decide to let a professionnal build a really good one.

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