My front rack setup

My Koga-Miyata is a jack of all trade bike. It is my commuter and my touring bike. A few years ago i built a front rack to support my Ostrich bag.

Bike front rack like porter rack

Ostrich bag onto porter style front rack

Ostrich bag with kilck Fix pannier hookKlick Fix pannier hook attach the bag’s front to my rack top

The rear is connected with webbing and Fastex buckle. A fast and lightweight setup!

At that time, i was also using front low riders for touring. I was brushing my bags on curb so i moved them higher (to the front rack). I replaced the low riders with mini-rack (supporting purpose only) i built myself. Lighter and simpler setup. I could even ride off-road without problem!

High rider bicycle touring front rack

I am an happy camper!!!

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